1. Leader's word is Law.
  2. Respect ranks older/above you.
  3. Punishments are serious.
  4. Absolutely NO powerplaying.
  5. Apprentices may have mates but cannot have kits whatsoever.
  6. No kittypet clothing.
  7. All cats must help and contribute to the clan.
  8. All trespassers are to be driven off territory.
  9. No magical powers.
  10. If you could, check news daily.
  11. If you could, make a wiki account and comment, daily.
  12. You must read at least 2 books to join the clan.
  13. No "Mary Sues." Not everyone is perfect!
  14. We like to have an active clan. If you are not attending to the clan for 5 days, without good reason or telling our leader, you will no longer be a part of the clan.
  15. Drama is sometimes a good thing, but when there is too much drama, the roleplay isn't fun anymore. Make sure to keep the drama under control.
  16. Do not make fantasy based scenarios. For example, if there is a sickness in the prey, and you claim it made your ears turn blue or green, that's fantasy. Never do this, please.
  18. Don't copy other OCs or roleplay events. We are all originals.

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